Agrotrade Master is a leading grain exporter, offering a diverse range of grain from our sustainable farms. Our process is carefully controlled from cultivation to delivery. This starts with selecting the best seeds and applying organic farming methods to grow our crops. After the harvest our grain undergoes rigorous quality checks at our advanced processing facilities. We pack and prepare our grain for export in a way that preserves its freshness and quality. We manage all export documentation and protocols, efficiently and effectively delivering our best grain to global markets.

Export of grain crops

оn a permanent basis, the company buys and sells on the terms and conditions of CPT terminals, EXW elevators, warehouses, CPT processors, FCA, FOB, DAF. The following types of crops: wheat (2/3 fodder), barley, sunflower seeds, corn, rapeseed, soybeans, peas, seeds, compound feed for animals and birds, unrefined sunflower oil


Purchase of grain crops

Our company is considering the possibility of making purchases from manufacturers with the conditions of pickup and CPT of the following products
- Wheat 2/3 blend
- Corn
– Barley
– Soya
– Sunflower oil, unrefined
– Ріпак
– Sunflower seeds
– Compound feeds (mixed fodder) for animals and birds
– Peas