Our company is considering the possibility of making purchases from manufacturers with the conditions of pickup and CPT of the following products


humidity, max. – 14.0%;
garbage admixture, max. - 2.0%;
grain admixture, a little more. - 10.0%;
beats, max. - 5.0%;
damage, max. - 5.0%;
including drying damage, max. - 2.0%;
the content of ragweed seeds is not allowed;
color, smell - characteristic of healthy grain, without signs of self-heating;
infection - not higher than the first degree.
Other indicators according to DSTU 4525: 2006;


humidity, max. – 14.0%;
nature, min. - 580 g/l;
garbage admixture, max. - 2.0%;
color, smell - characteristic of healthy grain, without signs of self-heating;
fusariosis - max 1%, other indicators according to DSTU 3769: 98;


humidity - no more than 12.0%;
garbage admixture - max. 2.0%;
the mass fraction of protein in raw river is not less than 32.0% or, in terms of dry matter, not less than 36.0%;
mass fraction of oil in terms of dry matter - not less than 18.5%;
oil impurities - slightly more than 15.0%, in particular. Damaged up to 5.0%, wrinkled up to 10.0%;
other indicators according to DSTU 4964: 2008;

Wheat 2/3 blend

humidity, max. - 14.0%,
nature, min. - 760 g/l,
protein, min. - 12.5%,
gluten, min. - 23%,
amount of fall, min. - 230 p.,
garbage admixture, max. - 2.0%,
grain admixture, no more. - 6.0%,
grains damaged by the shell bug, max. 2.0%,
other indicators according to DSTU 3768: 2010,
main grains - max. 5%,
horns, fusarium - not allowed;

Sunflower oil, unrefined

The color number, mg of iodine, is slightly more than 15
The acid value, mg KOH/g, is slightly more than 1.5
The mass fraction of non-fat impurities, %, is slightly more than 0.05
Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances, %, not more than: in terms of stearooleolecithin 0.40
The mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances is 0.20

Sunflower seeds

Moisture content 6-10
The mass fraction of fat in conversion to dry matter is 50
opacity, up to 2%
Acid number (KOH), mg, no m

Compound feeds (mixed fodder) for animals and birds

We develop the composition and size of compound feed according to your request


according to DSTU 4523: 2006. 1st type, 1st subtype, 1st-3rd classes, but within the following parameters: harvest year: 2016;
humidity is slightly more than 13.5%;
garbage admixture according to GOST (with the exception of spoiled pea seeds), including admixtures of other crops, a little more than 2%; fodder and green peas, no more than 3%;
split peas and whole cotyledons, no more than 5%;
damaged by insects and pests, no more than 5%;
in a healthy state, not sweaty, without self-heating and thermal damage during drying, not cloudy, have a smell characteristic of healthy offspring, have a color characteristic of healthy grain, which corresponds to marketable quality.