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Port of Izmail

Located on the southern bank of the Danube River in Odesa region, Ukraine. It is an international seaport, which occupies an important geographical position on the sea route connecting the Black Sea with the Danube basin. The port of Izmail is an important transport hub for cargo traffic from Ukraine, Moldova and other Eastern European countries. It has convenient terminals for handling dry cargo, oil, oil products and containers.

Port of KILIYA

The port of Kilia is also located on the southern bank of the Danube River in Odesa region, Ukraine. This seaport is located on the outskirts of the Danube and is an important hub for international water transport. The port of Kilia has convenient terminals for transshipment of dry cargo, in particular grain, as well as for the transport of oil and other liquid cargo. This port is important for the development of the transport infrastructure of the Ukrainian Black Sea coast.

Port of Reni

Located on the southern bank of the Danube River in Odesa region, Ukraine. It is one of the largest seaports in the country and is of great importance for Ukraine's transport links with European countries. The port of Reni has a well-developed infrastructure for handling various types of cargo, including bulk, oil products, containers and road transport.

Pivdennyi Port

Pivdennyi Port located on the Black Sea coast and has a large territory covering over 260 hectares. It has a well-developed infrastructure, including docks, berths, warehouses, rail links and roads.
The port handles a variety of cargo types, including containers, oil products, grain, ore, iron ore, coal and other bulk cargo. It is an important transport hub for Ukraine and other countries with access to the Black Sea.
It has a well-developed logistics system that ensures efficient cargo handling and transport to different regions of Ukraine and the world. It is an important point for maritime transport and plays a significant role in the region's trade and economy.

Port of Odessa

One of the largest and most important seaports located on the southern coast of Ukraine, on the Black Sea. It is located in the city of Odesa, which is the the administrative centre of Odesa region. It has a great geographical location and provides access to the Black Sea, which facilitates trade with different countries of the world. It is an important maritime hub for the transhipment of goods that arriving or departing to Ukraine and other countries. It consists of several terminals, that serve different types of cargo. There are container terminals, oil terminals, cleared areas terminals, cleared areas for transshipment of bulk cargo, road and railway terminals for the transport of goods. The port of Odesa also has modern infrastructure and equipment for cargo handling. It has cranes, berths, warehouses and other facilities to efficiently handle large volumes of goods.

Port of Chornomorsk

Port of Chornomorsk is located on the southern coast of the Black Sea, in Mykolaiv region, approximately 20 kilometres south of the city of Odesa.
The port of Chornomorsk is a multifunctional port capable of handling various types of vessels and cargo. It has a deep-water approach that allows it to accommodate large vessels. The port is equipped with modern berths, docks, cranes and infrastructure for efficient cargo handling.
The main activities of the port of Chornomorsk are transshipment and storage of various cargoes, including oil products, ore, grain, coal and containers. The port can also carry out repair and maintenance work on ships.
The port is an important transport hub, connecting Ukraine to the world and international trade routes. It is part of the international transport corridor connecting the Black Sea region with Europe and Asia.