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Grain multitrading company that specializes in trading grains and grain products and provides a full range of services. Previously, we only worked in the domestic market, but now we are starting to work internationally and invite everyone to cooperate.
Grain trading requires a deep understanding of the peculiarities of the international market, factors that affect prices, climatic conditions, political stability, etc. Agrotrade Master uses analytical data, market forecasts, and risk management



Export and purchase of grain crops

Agrotrade Master is a leading grain exporter, offering a diverse range of grains from our sustainable farms. The process is carefully controlled from cultivation to delivery. This starts with selecting the best seeds and applying organic farming methods to grow our crops. Once harvested, our grain undergoes rigorous quality checks at our advanced processing facilities. We pack and prepare our grain for export in such a way that it retains its freshness and quality. We manage all export documentation and protocols, delivering our best grain to global markets efficiently and effectively.


Transshipment, storage and logistics

Our logistics capabilities at Agrotrade Master are second to none. We have a powerful and reliable network that ensures uninterrupted and timely delivery. The fleet of modern vehicles is equipped to transport different quantities of grain, ensuring that its quality is maintained during transportation. Partnerships with leading freight carriers, combined with advanced tracking technology, mean we can deliver our grain to the most remote corners of the globe with the utmost accuracy and reliability. Our logistics team manages customs procedures and international trade regulations, ensuring a seamless delivery process from farm to doorstep.


Financial support

AgroTrade is a committed partner in the agricultural sector, providing financial support to promote growth and sustainable development. We offer financial solutions for farmers and agricultural enterprises, helping them to invest in infrastructure, expand production and implement sustainable farming practices. Our financial support extends to education and training in modern farming methods, enabling communities to thrive in the agricultural sector. At AgroTrade, we believe in the power of agriculture to drive economic growth and community well-being, and we are proud to play our part in supporting it.



Our company has extensive experience in supplying various agricultural products of any types of of transport to any destination.

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Sunflower oil, unrefined
Sunflower seeds
Compound feed for animals and birds

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