Agrotrade Master is a grain multitrading company that specializes in trading grains and grain products and provides a full range of services. Previously, we only worked in the domestic market, but now we are starting to work internationally and invite everyone to cooperate.

The company started its activity in the domestic market and was part of a large agricultural enterprise, which is why it has a developed system of partners – agricultural producers throughout Ukraine. At present, we are engaged in the purchase, sale, and distribution of grain crops such as wheat, corn, soybean, rapeseed, barley, and rice, as well as products based on them, such as flour, cereals, and mixed feed.

We work at the state and international levels and have a developed network of suppliers, grain producers, traders, and clients. We have our own logistics infrastructure, partnership relations for storage at terminals and warehouses. We help organize river and sea transportation and other means of transportation to ensure effective supply of grain products from one market to another.

Grain trading requires a deep understanding of the peculiarities of the international market, factors that affect prices, climatic conditions, political stability, etc. Agrotrade Master uses analytical data, market forecasts, and risk management strategies to make decisions regarding the purchase and sale of grain crops in order to maximize profits.

We help with the organization of cargo handling in sea and river ports, setting up our own export system, brokerage and customs clearance of goods, storage of goods, transshipment of cargo from wagons and trucks, services for cleaning and optimizing the quality of agricultural products, sales of products on domestic and foreign markets, freight brokerage services. The company also has strategic foreign consulting partners and provides financial services for opening accounts abroad – for all this, Agrotrade Master is ready to take responsibility!

Currently, the safest way to export agricultural products is through river ports on the Danube River. When loading grain in the ports of Izmail and Kiliya on the Danube River, there are no risks with the passage of ships through the “grain corridor” of the UN, as well as military actions.